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preschool in Irvine

preschool Santa Ana

Irvine montessori

Our newport preschool now Serving Tustin, Irvine & Santa Ana Cities. Potty Training is an important part of our Toddler Program of newport preschool

The Quality Preschool your child deserves


13682 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 730 - 3424

"Let the Magic Begin..."

Ages 18 mos-6 yrs

est: 1973


Play.. Explore.. Interact..
Discover Childhood...

Think.. Create.. Motivate..
Discover Learning...

Imagine.. Dream.. Reach out..
Discover Future...

The Quality Preschool your child deserves

Let The Magic Begin....

We believe that very few experiences in life could rival the satisfaction of teaching young children. There is no other time in life when so much is learned as in the FIRST FIVE YEARS.

At NEWPORT AVE PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN, we provide an atmosphere that nurtures a love of learning from Ages 18 Months through Kindergarten.

We offer a positive, vibrant and a safe environment that fosters happiness, confidence, respect and self-esteem.

Our theme-based program, incorporating the best of the Montessori Method, is designed to encourage a feeling of well-being that is essential to successful learning.

We believe that each child is unique and have Positive Expectations.


"This institution is an equal opportunity Provider & Employer"

Now Serving Tustin, Irvine & Santa Ana Cities